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Handy Familiy

Megan Handy, now mother of 6, established HBAS in 2013 to fulfill her dream of entrepreneurship and to stay at home with her children.  Megan was born in Southern Massachusetts to a family of entrepreneurs.  Her father owned his own Fortune 500 Telco corporation and her mother owned her own accounting business. 

Megan earned her undergraduate accounting degree from Eastern Carolina University (Go Pirates!) and, while pregnant with her 3rd child and working full time at Sony Corporate, earned her master’s degree in Business from Phoenix University. 

Megan is driven by her natural tendency to achieve high results and work hard.  All her clients appreciate her honesty, her quick work and her ability to understand unique challenges that present themselves from time to time.  She has a great network of trusted CPA’s that work with her to bring value to you. 

Megan’s clients appreciate her because she charges a fair price and delivers incredible value.  Megan will never nickel and dime her customers.  If you have a question, give her a call and it’s part of the job.  She is not going to charge a 15-minute minimum, in fact, she doesn’t charge anything.  Megan is always available to her clients.

Megan appreciates her clients because they allow her to accomplish her dream of entrepreneurship and they allow her to stay at home with her 6 beautiful children along with a nanny that helps her get work done during the day when needed.  It also allows her to employ other qualified “stay-at-home” mothers that can share in her success. 

If you are looking for someone you can call on for questions, someone that you can trust to keep accurate and reliable records, and someone with a proven track record with other entrepreneurs like yourself, please call her.  You will be pleasantly surprised with her embracing personality and immediate sense of trust.